Surfing Club at Basel

The exhibition Surfing Club at the new media art institution in Basel, Switzerland, shows works by a new generation of artists working with and within the internet. The artists of the exhibition are part of a loose network around collaborative platforms and internet surfing clubs such as Nasty Nets, Spirit Surfers, Loshadka, Club Internet and Vvork. The participating artists are Aids-3D, John Michael Boling, Petra Cortright, Aleksandra Domanovic, Harm van den Dorpel, Joel Holmberg, Oliver Laric, Marisa Olson, Guthrie Lonergan, Paul Slocum & Nasty Nets, Spirit Surfers, and Loshadka.

At the opening of the exhibition we met with the curator of the exhibition, Raffael Dörig, who provided us with a short introduction to the exhibition. We also spoke with the artist Aleksandra Domanovic who participates in the show with her work “Untitled (30.III.2010)” and Aids-3D (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas) who present their work “OMG Obelisk (Translation No. 4)”.”¨”¨ The exhibition Surfing Club at Basel runs until the 30th May, 2010.

In the context of the show there’s an artist talk at on the 9th May, 2 pm. The participating artists Aids-3D, Aleksandra Domanovic, Harm van den Dorpel and Oliver Laric talk about their work and their collaborative platforms and Internet Surfing Clubs such as Nasty Nets, Vvork and Club Internet.

A slightly modified version of the exhibition takes also place at Espace Multimédia Gantner in Bourogne (F) from May 9th to July 3rd.

Surfing Club at Basel, Switzerland. Opening reception and statements by the curator of the exhibition, Raffael Dörig, and the artists Aleksandra Domanovic and Aids-3D (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas). March 25, 2010.

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