Lokal_30 at Liste 15 / Olga Stefan in Conversation with Co-curator Michal Suchora

For the fourth time, Lokal_30 has been presenting its program at Liste – The Young Art Fair in Basel. Lokal_30 is located in a former artists’ studio in a pre-war house at Foksal street in Warsaw, Poland. Lokal_30 has been open to the public since 2003 and is run by Agnieszka Rayzacher, Zuzanna Janin, and Michal Suchora. With Lokal_30_Warszawa_London_Project, Lokal_30 runs a temporary independent space in East London (UK) that serves as a platform to present Lokal_30’s program in England.

In this conversation with Olga Stefan, Michal Suchora, co-curator of Lokal_30 talks about the history of the gallery, and the gallery’s program, and shows us some artists Lokal_30 presents. The above video is an excerpt, the full-length video is available below.

Olga Stefan in conversation with Michal Suchora, co-curator of the art gallery Lokal_30 at Liste – The Young Art Fair in Basel, 2010. June 20, 2010.

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Complete interview:

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