Raul Walch: Wurfsendung / Performance / Group Exhibition PROVINZ in Lindau

Raul Walch: Wurfsendung. What happens when you drop a giant wooden box from a height of 10 meters? And what’s inside? And what can you do with it? Watch the performance by Berlin-based artist Raul Walch as part of the group exhibition “PROVINZ” (Province) in the German town of Lindau.

Raul Walch was born in Frankfurt am Main / Germany in 1980. He studied sculpting at Berlin Weissensee School of Art and lives and works in Berlin. His artistic work encompasses themes of collecting, reconstruction and manipulation and ranges from sculpting and photography to installations.

PROVINZ is a group exhibition taking place in the Southern German town of Lindau in August 2010. More information about PROVINZ and an interview with Co-curator Felix Rundel is coming soon.

The exhibition runs until the 28th August 2010.

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