Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things at Vitra Design Museum

When Pharrell Williams, in an interview at Art Basel 2009, philosophied about the simple things in life, we got the message. So this exhibition is something for him: Vitra Design Museum’s latest show Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things in the Buckminster Fuller Dome at the Vitra Campus, a tribute to the products that are so common that we rarely even think about them, but make live so much easier. Their design is pure function, based on an idea that was both simple and ingenious. The tea bag, the wall plug, the tin can, the Post-it note, the tissue, the zipper

Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things shows 35 classics, presented in multimedia showcases together with patent specifications, print ads, advertisting films etc. For once, they are put in the spotlight, giving them the attention they deserve.

Vitra Design Museum: Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things. Buckminster Fuller Dome, Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein. Vernissage, August 19, 2010.

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Vitra Design Museum: Hidden Heroes

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