Escape 2010. International Exhibition of Urban Art, Vienna

Titled Escape the Golden Cage, Escape 2010 – International Exhibition of Urban Art in Vienna / Austria presents work by national and international street artists, graffiti sprayers and artists who are inspired by these works. Curated by Sarah Musser, the exhibition brings together works by Asgar/Gabriel, Anton Unai, Christian Eisenberger, Clemens Wolf, Faith47, Jaybo aka Monk, Marco Pho Grassi, Markus Oberndorfer, Nomad, Paul Busk, Perfektworld, Scott Malcolm Wigglesworth, Stefan Strumbel, Stephen Tompkins, XOOOOX, and ZTY 82.

“Today, street art and graffiti no longer exclusively show up in the fabric of the public, urban space, but also appear in the interior space of museums and galleries. The spontaneity and guerrilla attitude of the (often illegal) work in outside spaces transfers to the works for the white cube, thereby lending to an internal tension and urgency, that “established art” sometimes lacks. Street artists and graffiti sprayers thus break out of the art framework and bring their aesthetic and expressiveness to a new and exciting level by means of modified media which also inspires Artists whose origin is not found in this subculture.” (excerpt from the press release).

VernissageTV attended the opening reception of the show and captured some impressions of the opening and the live painting performance by Jaybo aka Monk. The exhibition runs through October 24, 2010.

Escape 2010 – Escape the Golden Cage. Opening reception and live painting performance by Jaybo aka Monk, Vienna / Austria, October 1, 2010.

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