Yves Netzhammer. The Refuge for Drawbacks / Kunstmuseum Bern

The exhibition The Refuge for Drawbacks at the Kunstmuseum Bern is Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer’s first large-scale solo show in a Swiss fine art museum.

After several solo exhibitions in the Helmhaus Zürich (2003) and the Kunsthalle Winterthur (2009), Yves Netzhammer presents two spectacular installations filling entire rooms with videos and objects conceived by the artist especially for the exhibition. In the above video, the curator of the exhibition, Kathleen Bühler, talks about the Yves Netzhammers work, the concept of the exhibition, and upcoming shows at the Kunstmuseum Bern.

On display is Yves Netzhammer’s installation “Subjectivization of Repetition: Project B / Subjektivierung der Wiederholung. Projekt B (2007)”. This artwork can be viewed since May 2010 and for the next five years to come. It laid the foundations for a closer investigation and interpretation of Yves Netzhammer’s exceptional artwork.

In addition to this installation, Yves Netzhammer has created another installation specifically for his show at the Kunstmuseum Bern. The work “The Refuge for Drawbacks” transforms the space of the 19th-century Kunstmuseum Bern building into a immersive environment with moving curtains, sound (by Bernd Schurer), computer animated video, wall-painting, objects and architectural elements. Thus, Yves Netzhammer’s work unfolds as a Walk-in Gesamtkunstwerk. In the center of the hall, Yves Netzhammer presents his video “Dialogischer Antrieb (2010)”, in the cabinets on both sides of the main room, Netzhammer presents the videos “Adressen unmöglicher Orte (2009) and “Die Möbel der Proportionen (2008).

Yves Netzhammer was born in 1970 in Schaffhausen / Switzerland. He lives and works in Zürich. Netzhammer has won all major Swiss art awards and participated in the Venice Biennale 2007 (Swiss Pavilion) and the documenta 12 in Kassel.

Yves Netzhammer. The Refuge for Drawbacks / Kunstmuseum Bern. Press preview and interview with curator Kathleen Bühler. Bern / Switzerland, November 3, 2010. The exhibition runs through February 27, 2010.

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Yves Netzhammer: The Refuge For Drawbacks

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