Ulrich Fischer: Walking the Edit: Innovative System to “Walk a Movie” / Interview

As part of the platform Image-Mouvement, the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève presents “Walking the Edit”, an innovative system to “walk a movie”. Conceived by Ulrich Fischer, the system allows the user to create an individual video using already existing images that are connected to a certain place via geotagging. Depending on which route one takes and how fast the user walks, an individual movie is created.

Technically, “Walking the Edit” is based on GPS, geotagging, iPhone app and iPhone. By walking through the streets, the iPhone reveals and collects the audiovisual memory of the place. While walking you hear the movie that you are just editing. Once the movie is finished, you can watch it online on the website and share it with other people.

The above video is an excerpt. Hit the jump to watch the full-length video.

Ulrich Fischer: Walking the Edit. Interview with Ulrich Fischer. Image-Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Geneva / Switzerland, December 8, 2010.

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Full-length version:

Ulrich Fischer on Walking the Edit:

“At the end of the road: the film…
The artistic aim of the project is to enable the creation of non-fictional films through a recorded and then analysed walk. In short, each trajectory made by a visitor creates a digital trace which, once analysed by our “editing engine”, will generate an individual and unique film: the reproduced reflection of the recorded path. An important issue for the project is to encourage a non-specialised public to play with the media (the content) and the system (the form). Despite the complexity of the concept and of the interactions between the parts of the system, access to the “nerves” of the project must be as recreational and immediate as possible.
First comes the experience, both intuitive and free from a need to control, then watching the result makes it possible to “digest” and, ideally, to make one wish to plunge once more into the urban space for a new trajectory.”

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