Aquariva by Marc Newson: US Sea Launch. Interviews with André Balasz and the Designers Sergio Beretta and Mauro Micheli (Officina Italiana Design)

For the “Aquariva by Marc Newson”, Marc Newson has partnered with Riva and their official designers, Officina Italiana Design, to reinterpret the “Aquariva” speedboat. Riva is an Italian boat-maker that became famous for its mahogany range of boats. Riva produced boats that were the equivalent to luxury cars such as Ferrari or Rolls-Royce and were bought by royals, sportsmen, actors and celebrities. In 1969, the first fiberglass yacht appeared. Since the year 2000, Riva is owned by the Ferretti Group. Since joining the Feretti Group, Riva has developed a portfolio of 11 models ranging from 33 to 115 meters. New models such as the Aquariva series are designed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, founders of Officina Italian Design.

With the “Aquariva by Marc Newson” (presented in September 2010 at Gagosian Gallery New York) the designers chose a wood-like, textile-based laminate (phenolic composite) for the deck area and instrument panel. This material was developed in the first half of the 20th century, and was a precursor of fibreglass. It has an organic feel and aesthetic, but is more durable than wood. Newson also used anodized aluminium instead of stainless steel and chrome brass, to give the exterior a more high tech look. The US launch of the “Aquariva by Marc Newson” took place during Art Basel Miami Beach at André Balazs’ The Standard Hotel & Spa. VernissageTV had that chance to exchange a view words with André Balazs (André Balazs Properties) and Sergio Beretta and Mauro Micheli (Officina Italiana Design), who collaborated with Marc Newson on the Aquariva by Marc Newson design.

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