Dialécticas del Paisaje Urbano at Museo Mural Diego Rivera Mexico City

This video shows the opening of the exhibition Dialécticas del Paisaje Urbano at Museo Mural Diego Rivera in Mexico City. The show mixes contemporary art with more old school mexican artists.

The Museo Mural Diego Rivera, houses Diego Rivera’s famous mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, which was painted on a wall of the Hotel Prado in 1947 in Mexico City. After the 1985 earthquake, the hotel was demolished but the precious mural, perhaps the best known of Rivera’s works, was saved and transferred to its new location in 1986.

Dialéctica del paisaje urbano (Dialectic of the urban landscape) curated by Ana Leticia Carpizo, Carmen Gaitán under the consultation of Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros; shows 76 artworks -paintings, sculptures, etchings and videos- produced between the XVI and the XXI centuries. The list of artists includes José Marí­a Velasco, Diego Rivera, Max Ernst, Helen Escobedo, Christo & Jeanne- Claude, Betsabé Romero, Gabriel Orozco, Francis Alí¿s, Daniel Alcalá, Melanie Smith, José Castro Leí±ero, Rufino Tamayo; among others.

The show pretends to explore several conceptions and constructions built around Mexico City by local and foreigner artists within the past five hundred years.

Dialécticas del Paisaje Urbano at the Museo Mural Diego Rivera Mexico City. Opening, March 15, 2011. Video by VTV Correspondents Daniela Libertad and Rodrigo Hernandez C.

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