VernissageTV Classics (r3): Doug Aitken: The Sonic Happening (Migration) / 303 Gallery, New York (2008)

For the inaugural show in 303 Gallery’s 21st street space in New York City, multimedia artist Doug Aitken presented Migration, the first in a 3-part cycle of installations titled Empire. VernissageTV attended a special viewing of Doug Aitken’s installation Migration on October 2, 2008. Aitken invited the musicians Lichens, White Rainbow and ARP to perform live music improvisations to the installation, replacing the film’s original soundtrack.

This is another segment in our series r3 that highlights the treasures of VernissageTV’s huge archive. R3 is a series of VernissageTV classics, now re-mastered, re-edited and reissued in High Definition. Click here for the complete list of videos. Click here for the original post and more information about the show.

Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

Complete video (32:56 min.):

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