Dawn Kasper: Performance at Whitney Biennial 2012

This year’s Whitney Biennial has a strong focus on performance. One of the performances that took place on the VIP opening on February 28, 2012 at the Whitney Museum of American Art was titled This Could Be Something If I Let It by Dawn Kasper with the support of the band Lady Noise (Kelly Coats, Helga Fassonaki, Kathleen Kim, Gabie Strong). Additional performances take place on May 4 and 25, at 7 pm.

The above video is an excerpt. Complete video below (19:27 min.).

Dawn Kasper: This Could Be Something If I Let It. Performance, VIP Opening Whitney Biennial 2012. New York / USA, February 28, 2012.

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For her participation in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, Los Angeles-based artist Dawn Kasper has set up a studio in one of the museum’s spaces. The room is filled the personal belongings of the artist, including a tennis racket that spins on a motor, a bed, musical instruments, tv sets with Buster Keaton films running on it, and many things more. Dawn Kasper doesn’t sleep at the gallery, but during the opening hours of the museum she talks with visitors, performs music and creates other works. This installation or “living sculpture” as it is also called by the museum, is part of her ongoing “Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment”. Dawn Kasper lives and works in Los Angeles. Recently, she participated in the Trespass Parade in downtown Los Angeles.

Full-length video (19:27 Min.):

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