David LaChapelle: Earth Laughs in Flowers / Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva / Nuit des Bains

The current exhibition at the gallery Patricia Low Contemporary in Geneva presents new works by David LaChapelle. The exhibition is titled Earth Laughs in Flowers and showcases photographs that are inspired by art historical masterpieces.

David LaChapelle is known for his unique style that is often opulent, surreal and ironic. At first glance, the photographs presented in Earth Laughs in Flowers show beautiful floral arrangements. At closer inspection the viewer discovers blood stained broken glasses, parts of sex dolls, pill boxes. “LaChapelle’s floral studies are contemporary reconsiderations of 16th century still life paintings: a genre which both exalted early modern consumer indulgence and forewarned of its moral corruption.” (Patricia Low Contemporary)

David LaChapelle: Earth Laughs in Flowers at Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva. Nuit des Bains, opening reception, March 15, 2012.

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