El Color, Instruccónes de Uso. Group Exhibition at Galeria Vasari, Buenos Aires

El color – instrucciones de uso opened at Galeria Vasari in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 11, 2012. The exhibition aims at renewing the perception of color and the ways it is used in abstract painting. Displayed are the works of Fabian Burgos, Juan José Cambre, Veréonica Di Toro, Karina Peisajovich, Emmanuel van der Meulen, Oliver Filippi and a work by the late artist Mirtha Dermisache.

Within the exhibition, curator Phillipe Cyroulnik underscores the contemporary Argentinean abstract undercurrent represented by the gallery, while at the same time introducing two French artists, Filippi and van der Meulen, revealing the vitality of the French abstract scene. His focus, as Cyroulnik described in our interview was “to choose artists using traditions from Latin American abstract art, but who are involved in a discussion with American and European abstract ways.”

El Color: Instrucciónes de Uso. Group Exhibition at Galeria Vasari, Buenos Aires. Opening reception, April 11, 2012. Video by Daniel Barney.

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