A Rebours. Group Show at Venus Over Manhattan, New York

Venus Over Manhattan is a new exhibition space in New York City created by art collector and writer Adam Lindemann. The new gallery opened to the public on May 9, 2012 with a group show titled í€ rebours. The inaugural show presents several dozen works of art spanning the 19th century to the present. Referring to Joris-Karl Huysmans’ 1884 anti-novel “í€ rebours”, the exhibition explores the notion of “against the grain” through a selection of works by artists such as Odilon redon, Lucas Samaras, Jeff Koons, Salvador Dali, and Gavin Kenyon. The exhibition runs until June 30, 2012. This video provides you with a tour of the exhibition on May 9, 2012 (as you can see, it’s rather a black than a white space).

Adam Lindemann’s Venus Over Manhattan plans to expand the conventional gallery format through collaborations with artists, dealers, collectors, curators, and institutions. Upcoming shows include works of art and design that range from historic to contemporary.

A Rebours. Group exhibition at Venus Over Manhattan Gallery, New York City. Video by Shimon Azulay. May 9, 2012.

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