Chiharu Shiota: Other Side / Haunch of Venison, New York

The Japanese installation and performance artist Chiharu Shiota is best known for her thread works, encapsulating personal found objects in impenetrable webs of black thread

The current exhibition at Haunch of Venison New York presents several of Chiharu Shiota’s smaller “boxed” thread works, and a large-scale installation, made entirely of window frames that the artist found in East Berlin. In this series, the window frames that she salvaged from demolition sites and deserted buildings, are stacked to form various architectural structures. The structure at Haunch of Venison has an entrance, so the visitor can experience the work from all perspectives. Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition at Haunch of Venison New York runs until June 16, 2012.

Chiharu Shiota: Other Side at Haunch of Venison, New York. Opening reception, May 17, 2012. Video by Shimon Azulay.

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