Aleksandra Mir: La 600 / Art Parcours, Art Basel 2012

As part of Art Basel’s Art Parcours 2012, the artist Aleksandrya Mir presented her sculpture La 600, an homage to Gabriel Orozco’s 2003 artwork La DS, a slimmed Citroën DS automobile. Aleksandra Mir’s version is a based on a Fiat Seicento, the car she used as regurlar car during her Sicilian residency (2005-2010).

“What makes La 600 different from La DS, is not only that the former mimics the latter but also the purpose and quality of its realization; what was, in La DS, the result of an excellent design operation, for La 600 it is above all the violation, transformation and ultimate reinvention of a personal object. If a car is the metallic and technological embodiment of it’s owner, La 600 is inherently linked to Aleksandra Mir’s everyday life and experience during her Sicilian years, a relation not only functional but also deeply affective. Ultimately, the transformation of the car is the last and sentimental homage to the 600 itself, a car model that first and foremost represents working class aspirations, cramped family vacations, an insatiable desire for a better life.” (excerpt from the press release).

Aleksandra Mir: La 600 at Art Parcours, Art Basel 2012. Art 43 Basel, Art Parcours. Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo in collaboration with Alumnos 47. June 13, 2012.

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