Hamish Fulton: Limmat Art Walk, Zürich 2012

As part of the public art festival Art And The City and courtesy of the gallery Häusler Contemporary, the British artist Hamish Fulton performed one of his famous “Art Walks” in Zürich (Switzerland). On June 23, 2012, two groups of 250 people each gathered at two different meeting points along the river Limmat for the Limmat Art Walk, 2012. It’s Hamish Futon’s biggest public walk. Starting exactly at 2 pm, the groups each walked in a single line, with one meter distance between each participant – and very slowly. At half the way, the two groups crossed paths and separated again. After two hours, the two groups reached their destination. In this video, we attend the Limmat Art Walk and follow one of the groups from the start point at Hardturmsteg to Europabrücke.

Hamish Fulton calls himself the “Walking Artist”. He was born in 1946 in London. He studied at St Martin’s School of Art, London and at the Royal College of Art, London. His work is concerned with the physical experience of space. “An object cannot compete with an experience”, he says. Since the late nineteen-sixties, he follows this leitmotif with his performances and processual works of art. Hamish Fulton lives and works in Canterbury.

Art And The City is a public art festival in Zürich West (Zürich, Switzerland) that takes place from June 9 until September 23, 2012. Art And The City is a project initiative of the City of Zürich. The event presents about 40 works by artists from all over the world.

Hamish Fulton: Limmat Art Walk, 2012. June 23, 2012.

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