Urs Fischer: Service à la Française (2009) / Luma Westbau / Pool etc.

After 2 years of renovation and restructuring, the Löwenbräu art center in Zürich (Switzerland) will officially reopen end of August. In June, the public had the opportunity to have a first look at new center. The new Löwenbräu, designed by the architects Gigon & Guyer, not only has a more open and spacious layout, but also houses additional institutions. Art patron Maja Hoffmann’s Luma Foundation is one of them. At the Löwenbräukunst preview event in June 2012, LUMA Westbau / POOL etc. showed an installation by Swiss artist Urs Fischer. The work titled Service à la française is an arrangement of mirror-polished stainless steel cubes with silkscreen prints applied on them. The title Service à la Française refers to the practice at the French royal court of serving all the dishes of a meal at the same moment to make the greatest impression. Printed on the cubes are photos of familiar objects such as a lipstick, a phone booth, the Eiffel tower, a piece of Swiss cheese, a PC, or a sailing ship. Each of those photos is cut out to the shape of the object. The other cubes and motives are reflected in the places that are not printed. Walking through the installation spreads a lush landscape of modern civilization before the eye of the visitors.

Urs Fischer: Service à la Française (2009) / Luma Westbau / Pool etc. Löwenbräukunst Preview event, June 10, 2012.

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