Wobbly Misconduct. Group Exhibition at LVL3, Chicago

The exhibition Wobbly Misconduct explores themes of balance and tension and investigates the edge of stability. Rachel de Joode creates still lifes with everyday objects, pulling the human-like qualities out of the inanimate. Amy Feldman abstracts geometric shapes into semi-recognizable forms to manipulate figure-ground relationships. Allison Wade interplays objects and materials, focusing on points of connection, both physical and visual. These three artists adopt non-traditional uses of traditional forms and materials to allow for a glimpse of the thin line between stability and uncertainty. The show runs through September 23, 2012.

LVL3 was founded in 2010 in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. LVL3 is dedicated in supporting collaborative work and group shows to foster connections between emerging and established artists.

Wobbly Misconduct. Group Exhibition at LVL3, Chicago. Opening reception, August 18, 2012. Video by Francisco Cordero-Oceguera.

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