David Lamelas: Senalamientos. Solo Exhibition at Ignacio Liprandi, Buenos Aires

The current solo exhibition by Argentinian artist David Lamelas at Ignacio Liprandi Contemporary Art Gallery in Buenos Aires presents an installation, photos and watercolors. An important element of the show are two palm trees, which were at the center of a performance on the opening night. In this video, David Lamelas explains what it’s all about.

David Lamelas was born in 1946 in Buenos Aires. The Argentine sculptor, photograph and experimental filmmaker is considered as one of the pioneers of the conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s. Lamelas was trained as a sculptor. He gained international prominency in 1968 when he represented Argentina at the Venice Art Biennale. In 1972 he participated in Documenta 5 in Kassel. David Lamelas lives in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

David Lamelas: Señalamientos. Solo Exhibition at Ignacio Liprandi Galerie de Arte, Buenos Aires. Opening reception and interview with David Lamelas. Video by Luciana Zoth, Roberto Rey, Milos Deretich, and Angel Sánchez.

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