Opening Day 798 Art Zone / Beijing (China)

This is the first report from our new correspondent in Beijing (China), Diana Coca. It covers the openings of exhibitions at four art spaces: Tang Contemporary Art, Gallery Yang, New Age Gallery, and Today Art Museum.

Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing presents Sky Ladder, Shen Yuan’s solo exhibition, including installations from the artists recent works never shown in town. The artist concept deals with architecture, nature and society.

Gallery Yang, Beijing, shows the collective exhibition Painting Lesson II – Negative and Positive Style, including artists as Chen Yufan, Dong Dawei, Duan Jianyu, Gong Jian, Guan Yinfu, Li Shurui, Ouyang Chun and Shen Liang, curated by Bao Dong. It focuses on style as the object of observation, to extend our discussion about space and dimension.

Evidence at New Age Gallery, Beijing, displays the works by Wang Qingsong, He Yunchang, Zhuang Hui, Guan Huaibin, Lu Lei, Guan Yong, Jiang Bo and Feng Lin, curated by Cui Cancan.

Beijing’s Today Art Museum presents Cheng Dapeng’s solo show Wonderful Wonderland, curated by Xie Suzhen. It deals with the spirit of experiment, not as an idea of chance, but a concept founded on the interactions of contemporary society expressed by different materials.

Opening Day 798 Art Zone Beijing (China). July 21, 2012. Video by Diana Coca.

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