Simon Starling: Triangulation Station A / Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

The exhibition with the title Triangulation Station A (40°44’49.17″³N 74° 0’22.45″³W) is Simon Starling’s fifth show with the gallery Casey Kaplan. It runs concurrently with presentation of the same works at the gallery Neugerriemschneider in Berlin. Thus, the other show is called Triangulation Station B (52°31’39.61″³ N  13°23’38.64″³ E). The exhibitions present two films, Black Drop and Project for a Masquarade (Hiroshima). Black Drop brings together the topics astronomy, photography, and the beginnings of moving image technology and is accompanied by the sculpture Venus Mirrors (05/06/2012, Hawaii & Tahiti Inverted), which consists of two telescopes. Project for a Masquarade (Hiroshima) revolves around Henry Moore’s sculpture Nuclear Energy, which is installed at the University of Chicago. Two wooden maks by Yasuo Miichi accompany the film. More information is available after the break. The exhibition at Casey Kaplan Gallery in New York City runs until October 20, 2012.

Simon Starling: Triangulation Station A (40°44’49.17″³N 74° 0’22.45″³W), Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York. September 6, 2012. Video by Shimon Azulay.

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