Artyou Urban Art Basel 2012

Since 2004, Philipp Brogli and Beat Schöneck and their project Artstübli dedicate themselves to the promotion of urban art in Switzerland. They also organize the annual festival Artyou – Urbane Kunst Basel. Since 2008 the event takes place at Ackermannshof in Basel, Switzerland. This year the exhibition presents paintings, illustration, graphic design, graffiti, and street art by the artists Alëxone Dizac, Morten Andersen, Cicolupo, Doppeldenk, Jers & Aley, Bruno Santinho, Rae Martini, Nevercrew. This video provides you with an exhibition walk-through at the opening night, which featured a live tattoo performance by Paris-based tattooer Tin-Tin.

Artyou Urban Art Basel 2012. Ackermannshof, Basel (Switzerland). Vernissage, September 20, 2012.

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