Repeat to Fade. Group Show at Mendes Wood, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Repeat to Fade at Mendes Wood Gallery in São Paulo (Brazil) is a group exhibition that deals with the transparency of information and the intangibility of image and object in the digital age. The title is derived from the musical direction “repeat to fade”, which iinstructs the player to play the same musical segment repeatedly whilst dimming the volume until the song fades to silence. The exhibition presents paintings, sculptures, objects, photos, collages, installations, and videos by Maaike Schoorel, Valeska Soares, Daniel Sinsel, Adriano Costa, Lawrence Weiner, Shilpa Gupta, Paulo Nazareth, Matthew Day Jackson, Roberto Winter, Angela Detanico, Raphael Lain, Fiete Stolte, Theo Craveiro, Jesse Ash, Deyson Gilbert, and Marcius Galan. The exhibition runs until October 20, 2012.

Repeat to Fade. Group Show at Mendes Wood, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Opening, September 3, 2012. Video by Daniel Rubim.

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