Art Openings Beijing October 2012

Three Shadows Photography Art Center, presents ‘Words We Have Learned Since 9-11’, a participatory photographic project by Los Angeles visual artist Clayton Campbell. He has created a visual conversation between international communities about how people view themselves in a post ‘9-11’. The project is curated by Zandie Brockett, a Beijing-based consultant, photographer and curator from Los Angeles, California.

‘Shadows/ Highlights’ at XYZ Gallery, Beijing, displays the works by Berlin-based painter Axel Gerber, curated by Dr. Jasmine Gong-Fleischer. The artist collects pictorial material that documents the phenomenon of accelerated, technologically-aided perception. He attempts to intensify the luminosity of colours and to incorporate multiple light sources in the picture.

Mountain Art Gallery Beijing shows the collective exhibition ‘Emerging Artists from the North II’, including young artists as Huang Jin Ling, Cheng Yong, Li Yan, Zheng Hong Xiang, Feng Ye, Chang Lang and Liu Zi Ning. It focuses on discovering young Chinese new talents.

Art Openings Beijing October 2012, October 13, 2012. Video by Diana Coca.

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