Beijing Design Week 2012

Since the debut in 2009, Beijing Design Week has become an annual International celebration of design and creativity in China, a model set for local communities, and a cultural event for the World. The event is organized into several sections and areas.

The 751 D-Park Tank is one of the premier cultural and creative clusters in Beijing, blending its old industrial landscape with design, fashion and promoting International design exchanges. In exhibition there are works by Design Lobby, Yi Jian Zhai by Space Magazine, Unmade in China, Crystal Design Architects, Republic Space, Nike Flyknit Collective, as well as Dutch Design on the Move.

Caochangdi area presents CCD – The Community Project, a creative incubator hosting a research program rethinking synergies across art, design and technology, to shape encounters among intersecting communities of local and international professionals, innovative makers and thinkers. On display works by RAWR Laboratory, Naihanli & Co., Carl De Smet/ Noumenon Design, installations by Zhang Ke, The Real Network project, The Mobile Museum by Fabrica designers Dean Brown & Philip Bone, Instant City by Blinking City project and TJ China Project Room with Shinpei Takeda installation between others.

IOWA Creative Community in Caochangdi is a very special buzzing art space, a compound of seven greenhouses becoming a residence for young artist and designers, involving drawing, sculpture, installation, video, comic, industrial design, architecture and furniture. The studios are open for the whole week showing works by Zhang Qiang, Elan Zeng, Xia Gao Qiang, Diana Coca – Coca Productions & Paloma Bouteleux from Mira Mira Studio.

Dashilar Alley offers a series of offsite exhibitions, pop-up shops and events. The area in the centre of town, near Tian’nanmen, shows how Beijing’s traditional hutong alleyways and siheyuan courtyards houses can be re-envisioned by creative industries and communities. Designs by Lulu LI, Linlinsays & Jellymon, Lost & Found, Campana Brothers project Brachina, Michael Rogers Arctic Flowers series, Royal College of Art (London) works by the new Interior Design course, Metrobags by Markus M. Schneider with Zhang Muyao, Nono Muaks design, Tangroulou clothes and accessories for kids and the Wuhao Curated Shop with works by Petite Friture, Ibride and Xie Dong.

Beijing Design Week 2012. Beijing, China, September 28, 2012. Video: Diana Coca.

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