Front Design: Surface Tension Lamp / BOOO at Design Miami 2012

LED lamps are known to be not only much more efficient, but also to last much longer than the traditional light bulbs. To highlight this advantage by contrasting it, the Swedish design studio Front came up with the idea to create an LED lamp whose form is built by soap bubbles – the Surface Tension Lamp. Part of the lamp is made of metal and LEDs, but what gives the lamp its fascinating design is the soap bubble that slowly builds and then bursts or glides to the floor and then builds again. In this video, Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist of Front Design talk about the idea behind the lamp.

The Surface Tension Lamp is the first result of BOOO Lab. BOOO Lab is part of BOOO, a team of experts from different fields that work in the space between avant-garde design and the consumer market. BOOO is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The BOOO Lab represents BOOO’s experimental projects and commissions. The Surface Tension Lamp is produced by BOOO in an edition of twenty pieces.

Front Design: Surface Tension Lamp / BOOO at Design Miami 2012.

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