Sandra Peters: Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical / Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

The exhibition Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical by Sandra Peters at the gallery Aanant & Zoo in Berlin (Germany) presents in the centre a 140 cm high cube. This piece and another works refer to the concept of space from architect Rudolph Schindler. Slide projections show two of his most important buildings of the twenties: his own house from 1921, and the “How House” from 1925. The open form of the cube and variations of smaller cubes relate to the ceiling structure of the interior of the “How House”. The diagonal in Schindler’s house enlarges and opens the space, giving the place a direction, and takes on the movement of the two central axes of the building. The horizontals and verticals of the conventional room structure are clearly and tangibly vitalised through the dynamic diagonal. In this video the curator and director of the gallery, Alexander Hahn, talks about the background of the show. Sandra Peters talks in detail about the concept of the exhibition. The show runs until January 26, 2013.

Sandra Peters was born in Bonn (Germany) in 1969. The artist lives and works in Berlin. Sandra Peters studied art at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Germany). Her solo exhibitions include: Interplay, Kunstsaele Berlin, (2011); Bilateral – Diagonal, Y8 Hamburg, (2011); Brick-structure, Villa Aichele, Lörrach (2009); Modification – constantly climbing stones, Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen, (2009); Contemporary drawing V (with Katja Eckert & Karim Noureldin), Kunstmuseum Bonn (2007); Drawings on tracing paper, Villa Aichele, Lörrach (2007); Collage drawings, Königstein, Königstein Sachsen (2003).

Sandra Peters: Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical at Aanant & Zoo, Berlin (Germany). Interview with Sandra Peters, December 14, 2012. Video by Frantisek Zachoval.

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