Interview with Yann Follain of WY-TO Architects

For the 2013 edition of the international art fair Art Stage in Singapore, the architectural practice WY-TO Architects created the entrance and the VIP lounge of the fair. WY-TO has offices in Singapore and Paris. The key element of WY-TO’s designs The Skeleton for the entrance and The Whirl for the VIP lounge is the oversized loom theme. In this video, the architect, designer and WY-TO founding partner Yann Follain talks about the basic idea and concept of WY-TO’s work for Art Stage Singapore. He also speaks about his background and design philosophy, his ambitions as designer and architect, and the challenges of working between East and West. Finally he provides us with an overview of WY-TO’s projects and an outlook on future projects. The video above is an excerpt, the complete interview is available after the break.

“Combining functionality and dream to create spaces for everyday life as well as exceptional occasions” is WY-TO’s credo. As Art Stage Singapore’s Associate Architectural Partner, WY-TO was responsible for the design of the entrance and the VIP lounge of the fair. WY-TO is based in Paris and Singapore. It was co-founded by Pauline Gaudry and Yann Follain. Both graduated from the Architecture School of Paris-Belleville in 2005. Gaudry and Follain both have a rich multicultural experience. They worked in Hong Kong, Goa, France, and Singapore. Recent projects include the exhibition design for Singapore’s ArtScience Museum’s Andy Warhol Show, and the designs for the new Natural History Museum of Singapore and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires.

Interview with designer, architect, and co-founder of WY-TO Architects, Yann Follain at Art Stage Singapore 2013. January 25, 2013.

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