Carrie Schneider: Burning House at Galerí­a Alberto Sendros, Buenos Aires

The current exhibition at Galerí­a Alberto Senderos in Buenos Aires, Argentina, presents Carrie Schneider’s work Burning House. For this piece, Carrie Schneider filmed and photographed a house that stands on fire during different seasons, weather, and times of day. To achieve this, Schneider built a small house for each setting and set it on fire. On the occasion of the opening reception of the exhibition at Galerí­a Alberto Senderos, Cecilia Lopez accompanied the film with live experimental music.

Carrie Schneider makes performative photographs and short films. Recent solo exhibitions include theMuseum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Galleri KiT, Trondheim, and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago. Carrie Schneider is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Cecilia López was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983. She is a performer/inventor/ composer in the experimental music field and plays keyboards and piano. She studied piano and composition with Nessy Muhr, Carmen Baliero, Gustavo Ribisc, Mono Fontana and improvisation with Wenchi Lazo. In her work, she creates pieces that function as structures of sound in space. Rather than think of music in terms of linear development, she considers it something alive, a process a vibration that is already out there, in objects, as in the phenomena of light or heat. She is currently working on her piece “Musica Mecánica para Chapas” / “Mechanical Music for Sheet metal” for amplified sheets of metal and variable performers.

Carrie Schneider: Burning House at Galerí­a Alberto Sendros, Buenos Aires. Video by Roberto Rey, Milos Deretich, Luciana Zothner, íngel Sánchez.

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