Art Openings Beijing March 2013: Platform China and C-Space

Platform China in Beijing presents Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology, a one-year long project. It refers to a space-time pattern in the shape of a diffusing, proliferating and growing process instead of a more conventional exhibition mode. The idea is to introduce a context for the audience to emulate, discuss and interact with art. The artists participating in the project are: Alex Gibbs, Alexander Tinei, Bi Jianye, Fu Jingyan, Geng Yi, Han Jiaquan, Huang Liang, Jia Aili, Lou Shenyi, Ma Ke, Nandan Ghiya, Qi Wenzhang, Qin Qi, Qiu Ruixiang, Song Yuanyuan, Wang Yin, Wang Xingwei, Xiao Bo, Xiao Jiang, Zhang Enli, Zhang Hao, Zhang Yexing, Zhao Gang, Zhao Zhao, Zhou Yilun, Jin Shan, Wang Ke, Tang Dayao, Liu Weijian and Zhang Ran.

C-Space exhibits The Upstairs Room, paintings produced over the past year when Robbin Heyker was a resident artist at C-Space. The references in his work process are related to the village of Caochangdi, found materials and the juxtaposition of elements. Metaphorically they reflect our instinctual need to bring together the disparate perceptions of our existence to forge provisional answers and create manageable systems. C-Space also shows In Case, a group of installations by Yida He. The artist experiments with the balance between softness and rigidity of the form, the insertion of material into space and its relation to space in material, form and meaning. They are seemingly fragile ephemeral structures, arranged against their interactions with the space.

Art Openings Beijing March 2013: Platform China and C-Space, Caochangdi Arts District, Beijing (China). March 9, 2013. Video by Diana Coca.

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