Art Openings Beijing March 2013: Boers-Li Gallery: Tang Song and Parkview Green: Wang Luyan

Boers-Li Gallery in Beijing, China presents for the first time Tang Song’s abstract works, Tang Song: Eulogy – in memory of Hans Van Dijk. In the last 5 years the artist worked on a tribute to Van Dijk as a form o research into the sources. These works are manifestations of a process, concealing their narratives, as they are representations of the attitude of resistance. Painted layer over layer over the course of time, the works contain references to traditional ink painting, modern abstraction and action painting, and contemporary conceptual and minimalist art.

Parkview Green Exhibition Hall shows Diagramming Allegory, a selection of Wang Luyan’s recent works, one of the most important Chinese conceptual artists working today. Presented to the public for the first time, these works include large-scale mural and installations, sculptures, paintings and sketches, which aim to reveal essential paradoxes in international relations, political theory and religious worship. The artist transcends the dualist framework of representational vs. abstract, or expressional vs. conceptual. The show is curated by Wu Hung.

Art Openings Beijing March 2013: Boers-Li Gallery and Parkview Green, Beijing (China). March 23, 2013. Video by Diana Coca.

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