Drawing as Attitude (Zeichnung als Haltung) at Stadtgalerie Mannheim

The common theme of the current group exhibition at Stadtgalerie Mannheim (Germany) is drawing and the exploration of its possible limits. The artists Nadine Fecht, Pia Linz, Barbara Hindahl and Dorothee Rocke show four different positions and potential intersections to other media and art tendencies such as time-based media, installation art, painting, sculpture, sound art, graffiti, remix or appropriation art. The exhibition looks for a reinterpretation of the medium of drawing and, furthermore, what are its essential qualities. The combination of the works is based on different criteria and theoretical approaches such as Matthias Bleys’s open definition of drawing, which is open enough for a drawing to be an expression in space, comprising sculptural or installational properties. In this interview the director of Stadtgalerie Mannheim, Benedikt Stegmayer, talks about the concept of exhibition and provides us with an introduction to the exhibiting artists.

Mannheim-City-Gallery was founded 2011 and has established itself as a platform for artists from the region. Eight exhibitions are scheduled annually, to present the current artistic positions to the public. With its focus on contemporary art, the gallery enriches the spectrum of presentation spaces for visual arts in Mannheim. In addition, the Mannheim-City-Gallery sees itself as a central location for sharing and networking with the national and international art scene.

Drawing as Attitude (Zeichnung als Haltung) at Stadtgalerie Mannheim, Mannheim (Germany). Interview with Benedikt Stegmayer (Director of the Stadtgalerie Mannheim), June 27, 2013. Video by Frantisek Zachoval.

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