Zilvinas Kempinas: Kakashi / Kloster Schönthal Sculpture Park

This video is a film, actually. A unique copy. A spool of developed Super 8 film. There’s no editing, no correction. There will never be an analog or digital copy. This film has been shown only once on the occasion of the premiere at VernissageTV’s HQ in Basel on October 8, 2013. It’s the first in a series of Super 8 short films shot on a Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 camera. Why that? Because it’s fun.

Kakashi by Zilvinas Kempinas at Kloster Schönthal Sculpture Park, Switzerland. In collaboration with Museum Tinguely, Basel. June 6, 2013.

There’s also a photo set at Flickr:
Zilvinas Kempinas: Kakashi

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