Interview with Hiroaki Kano at Gallery Hirota Fine Art / Art Stage Singapore 2014

Gallery Hirota Fine Art is participating in the art fair Art Stage Singapore 2014 with a solo show with works by the Japanese artist Hiroaki Kano. The works on display are works that are inspired by Japanese country lore and deal with the relationship between people and the weather. In this video, Hiroaki Kano talks about two of the artworks, a painting and an installation. The painting Maybe it will rain… not fine weather depicts the folk belief that the behavior of animals and insects indicates a change in weather, such as dogs eating grass or moles digging holes. The installation is based on a weather box, invented by the father of author Robert Louis Stevenson.

Hiroaki Kano was born in Yamagata, Japan, in 1983. He graduated from Art specialized study course at Tsukuba University. “I create artwork depicting landscapes from actual places where I have collected data. I often reconfigure motifs that are connected with differing places and contexts; conceiving a world that has a certain sense of unrest in the air. I may be acting as a filter that reflects the real world, or perhaps I am simply rendering the fundamental madness and anxiety lurking in our everyday lives. I hope that my work is seen as a depiction of the common sensations that anyone can perceive in the world around them.” (Hiroaki Kano)

Gallery Hirota Fine Art is based in Tokyo, Japan. The gallery was founded in 1969 and has its focus on Japanese painting.

Interview with Hiroaki Kano at Gallery Hirota Fine Art / Art Stage Singapore 2014, Singapore, January 15, 2014.

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