Victor Vasarely – The Rediscovery of the Painter / Retrospective at Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich

Victor Vasarely – The Rediscovery of the Painter (Die Wiederentdeckung des Malers) at Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zürich (Switzerland) looks back at the work of the Hungarian-French artist, who once was extremely popular with his op art, but then has been forgotten. Vasarely (1906-1997) studied at the art school Műhely, the so-called “Budapest Bauhaus”. In 1930, Vasarely moved to Paris where he worked as a commercial graphic designer and simultaneously began to develop his artistic language of forms. Exhibition curator Serge Lemoine states that Victor Vasarely “gave priority to the composition, to the relationships and contrasts, to playing with color tones, and integrated the phenomena of perception into his work more and more.” The exhibition at Haus Konstruktiv is a collaboration with Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels, and EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo.

Victor Vasarely – The Rediscovery of the Painter (Die Wiederentdeckung des Malers) / Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich. Video walkthrough on the occasion of the Vernissage, February 26, 2014.

PS: The exhibition is complemented by a project by Andreas Fogarasi, titled Vasarely Go Home. In this exhibition the Austrian artist Andreas Fogarasi (b. 1977 in Vienna, where he also lives) addresses Victor Vasarely’s oeuvre, its reception and its absorption by the Hungarian cultural policy of the late 1960s.

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