Agustina Woodgate: GPS / Poetic Social Geometry / Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires

GPS / Poetic Social Geometry is a new site-specific work that Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate conceived for Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires. The exhibition takes place in Faena Arts Center’s Cathedral Room, with urban interventions in the city. In this video we have a look at her latest show and Agustina Woodgate provides us with an introduction to her work.

Agustina Woodgate was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in the United States for over a decade. Her work explores and encourages collective human encounters, rather than individual contemplation of produced objects. Projects include Organic (2005, Liquid Blue Gallery, Miami), Letting Down (2008, Spinello Gallery, Miami), Endlessly Falling (2009, Dimensions Variable, Miami), Growing Up (2010, Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami), If These Walls Could Talk (2011, Spinello Projects, Miami), New Landscapes (2012, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami), and Rugs (2014, Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood, Florida).

Agustina Woodgate: GPS / Poetic Social Geometry. Solo exhibition at Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires. Vernissage, May 20, 2014. Video by Roberto Rey, Luciana Zothner, Milos Deretich, and Angel Sanchez.

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