Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot / Asia Society Museum, New York

The Asia Society Museum in New York currently presents the first major institutional exhibition of Koren American video artist Nam June Paik in New York in more than a decade. The exhibition, entitled Becoming Robot, explores the artist’s visionary use of new technologies, and the impact his work had on the new media art. Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot includes a number of rarely shown works as well as some works never before exhibited in the United States. The show focuses on three areas of Nam June Paik’s career: Paik’s artistic and working methods with an emphasis on his process; his philosophy toward technology, especially the relationship of technology with the body; and the intersection of technology and culture. The exhibition runs until January 4, 2015.

Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot / Asia Society Museum, New York. November 17, 2014.

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