Timothy Hyunsoo Lee at Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Art Stage Singapore 2015 / Interview

Interview with the artist Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, whose work is featured in a solo presentation at Sabrina Amrani Gallery (Madrid) at Art Stage Singapore 2015. Timothy Hyunsoo Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1990, but raised in New York City. He uses his background in cytohistology to create large-scale watercolor paintings and sculptures that explore his identity as a Korean-American, and as someone who has suffered from a panic and anxiety disorder since his childhood.

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee at Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Art Stage Singapore 2015. Interview with Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, Art Stage Singapore 2015, January 21, 2015.

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From the press text:
The artist draws on his own traumatic experience of anxiety and panic disorders as a child, which then translated into his work as a site of reconstruction: the missed encounter with the real at the heart of trauma can only be explored through repetition and surveying. Expanding his psyche as an abstract territory, Lee maps out cartographies and topologies onto large-scale watercolors which operate as both surface and object. The traditional inertia of classical painting is abandoned for the sake of a sensorial experience engaging all manners of motion and bending, and splitting the gravity of space into an open field of impressions and traces. Beyond the rigid impositions of conceptual art, Lee turns away from reductionism, liberating expression from description.

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