Ádám Kokesch at Kisterem Gallery, Budapest, at Art Cologne 2015

This is an interview with Margit Valkó of Kisterem Gallery, Budapest, and one of the artists she has presented at Art Cologne 2015, Ádám Kokesch. Ádám Kokesch was born in 1973 in Budapest (Hungary). He graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest.

“Kokesch’s works play not only with the great traditions of abstract art [Mondrian, Malevich, Colour Field or Shaped Canvas], but also with means of conveying information and the visual rhetoric of pictograms. He builds his repertoire of forms based on a database, creating a synthesis between scientific thoroughness and subjective freedom and autocracy. The “acrylic” pictures painted on “plexiglass” are reversed glass paintings of sorts giving the impression of modern traffic signs or reminding us of surveillance cameras, while, placed horizontally, they could even be seen as modern-style trays. The precise geometrical segmentation of planes, the full-coloured, smooth-surfaced patterns and ornaments could be product samples of a new, mysterious material. And we may ask: what do these represent?” (Excerpt from a text by Anna-Marie Bonnet).

Ádám Kokesch at Kisterem Gallery, Budapest, at Art Cologne 2015. Cologne (Germany), April 15, 2015.

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