Interview with Yves Béhar at Design Miami 2015

At Design Miami 2015 in Miami Beach, designer Yves Béhar has been honored as the Design Miami Design Visionary of the Year for his contributions to design and the humanitarian efforts of his studio. In this interview, Yves Béhar talks about his exhibition at Design Miami 2015; his design philosophy; the design process; and the future of design, especially regarding the interface between technology and the human – what Yves Béhar calls the 2.0 of human interface interaction.

“As Designers, we essentially have to move forward and design less for the traditional interface between technology and the human, which has been the screen, and more towards intuitive ways to bring the information to us. So we get less stuck into our screens and go into what I call 2.0 of human interface interaction, which is going to be much more natural. I call that the invisible interface, but it’s going to be more about using our five senses to understand, control and consume information around us.”

Interview with Yves Béhar, Recipient of the 2015 Design Miami/ Design Visionary Award, presented by Panerai at Design Miami 2015, Miami Beach (Florida, USA), December 1, 2015.

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