Performance for Martha Friedman’s Pore featuring Silas Riener / Locust Projects, Miami

This video documents Silas Riener’s performance on the opening night of Martha Friedman’s Pore exhibition at Locust Projects in Miami. Pore is an exhibition of new work by Brooklyn-based artist Martha Friedman. For this exhibition, Friedman has created four site-specific sculptures. Each of them has a costume attached and is colored to reference one of the four humors, the theory of which formed the basis of Western medicine for over two thousand years. During the exhibition’s opening weekend, as well as Art Basel week, New York choreographer / dancer Silas Riener has interacted with the sculptural installation through a performance developed collaboratively with Friedman. In this performance, Silas Riener puts on each costume and dramatizes a choreographed series of movements that explore the qualities associated with each humor.

Performance for Martha Friedman’s Pore featuring Silas Riener at Locust Projects in Miami. Reception during Art Basel in Miami Beach, December 1, 2015.

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Complete video (37:07 min.):

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