Doris Lasch at Kunsthaus Baselland

Doris Lasch (b.1972, DE, lives and works in Basel) investigates forms of image production in her first major solo institutional exibition at the Kunsthaus Baselland. At a time when the photographic image seems ubiquitous and the volume of photographically created, not to mention digitally altered, images grows, Lasch questions the processes of this form of generating images using the methods and functionality of photography. Moments or possibilities of image creation are integrated in the exhibition setting in various ways. Between installation, intervention and sculpture, Doris Lasch arranges forms and fragments of a photographic language in the Kunsthaus Baselland spaces, an arrangement that also relates to the architecture of the exhibition space.

Doris Lasch at Kunsthaus Baselland. Vernissage, January 19, 2017.

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