Flavio Favelli: Senso 80. Art Installation at Albergo Diurno Venezia in Milan, Italy

Site-specific installation by Italian artist Flavio Favelli entitled Senso 80 at Albergo Diurno Venezia in Milan, Italy. The Albergo Diurno Venezia was an elegant service center under the Piazza Oberdan, designed by Piero Portaluppi. The Art Deco treasure opened 1926 and closed in 2006. It contained public bathrooms, spas, barber shops, travel agencies etc.

Flavio Favelli decorated the space with site-specific installations which recreate the authentic furniture, opposing past and present. Flavio Favelli uses collages and assembled-materials to reinterpret Portaluppi’s original interiors but also neon advertising signs, as a tribute to 80’s, which best represent the artist’s research dealing with memory and stratification.The title is inspired by Luchino Visconti and Michelangelo Antonioni’s films and it refers to 80s’ period as a break dividing past and future stylistic language. Flavio Favelli was born in 1961 in Florence, Italy, and lives and works in Savigno, Italy.

Flavio Favelli: Senso 80. Opening, March 29, 2017.

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