Kenny Wong at Pearl Lam Galleries, Art Cologne 2017

Interview with Hong Kong-based media artist Kenny Wong at Art Cologne 2017. Cologne (Germany), April 26, 2017.

Composed (E)Motion

The exhibition consists of works of the artist exploring the idea of relational distance by the means of motion in physical and digital forms

These works involves the moment of eye contact, physiological representations and non-verbal communication to explore the interconnection between kinetic motion and human emotions.
“dist” series is inspired from the moment of intimacy and the indefinite variables in relationships. In these work, it represents as both relational and physical distance.
“Undermine” series is a self-exploration on the psychological status of the artist. While the digital screen remains stable in an uninterrupted situation, the inertia of spinning in high speed, the fragility of the material nature creates the sense of dangerousness and uneasiness to the viewer.
Hence these two series of work play on the balance of attraction and repulsion, spinning and counter-spinning, in the constant act of balancing, excavate beyond the material nature of reality to assess our psychological and emotional conditions.

Exhibiting works:
Dist.duo [concept sketch]

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