VTV Classics (r3): Liste 07 (2007)

Since its inception in 1996, the art fair Liste has become an integral part of Basel Art Week. As an important addition to Art Basel, Liste focuses on introducing young galleries with primarily emerging, as yet little known artists. Each year, approximately 80 galleries from over 30 countries are presented – of those, 10 – 15 galleries are introduced for the first time. A visit to Liste has become a “must” for the most important private and institutional collectors, curators, museum people and art lovers. VernissageTV (founded in 2005), started to cover the fair in 2006. The 20th anniversary of Liste provided the occasion for VernissageTV to have a look at the old tapes and give some of the footage the VTV Classics treatment. This video looks back at Liste in 2007. This is the short version of it (an uncut, full-length version is available further down on this page).

Liste 07 – The Young Art Fair in Basel. Basel, Switzerland, June 13, 2007.

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Complete video (17:05 Min.):

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