Untertage. Best of Visarte Zürich & Guests

At the end of the year, Visarte Zürich (Zurich Group of the Visual Arts Professional Association) presents a large overview of Zurich’s diverse artistic output “Untertage” (Underground) in the Waldhuus, a former hotel in Zürich, Switzerland. The annual exhibition takes place in a very special location: in the empty underground offices of the former Hotel Dolder Waldhaus in Zürich, a brutalist high-rise building erected in the 1970s. The building will be used until its planned demolition by Projekt Interim, a project that helps putting vacant real estate to temporary use. The rooms include former wardrobes, corridors, cold storage rooms and the central laundry.

For the first time Visarte’s annual exhibition includes contributions by selected art spaces and exhibition platforms that are important for the Zürich scene. Among them are the Corner College, Die Diele, the Kunsthaus Aussersihl, and the The Museum of the Unwanted. The two art historians Daniela Minneboo and Sandra Oehy are responsible for the overall concept and curation of the exhibition. In this video we attend the opening night of the exhibition, including a Kabuki-performance by Porte Rouge.

Untertage. Best of Visarte Zürich & Guests, Dolder Waldhaus, Zürich (Switzerland). Vernissage, December 9, 2017.

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