Lito Kattou at Eleni Koroneou Gallery at Art Cologne 2018

As part of Art Cologne’s New Positions program, Eleni Koroneou Gallery (Athens, Greece) presents a booth with works by the artist Lito Kattou. In her work, Lito Kattou uses the most varied materials, such as aluminium, steel, textiles and plastic for her sculptures, installations and performances. In the process she concerns herself with space and time, and usually works in series.

Lito Kattou at Eleni Koroneou Gallery at Art Cologne 2018. Cologne (Germany), April 20, 2018.

Lito Kattou just received the Art Cologne Award for New Positions 2018. The prize money to the amount of 10,000 Euro endowed by Deutsche Telekom will flow into a solo exhibition in the artothek in Cologne, which is being opened for Art Cologne 2019.

The distinguished jury of art experts substantiates its decision as follows:

“With this year’s Award for New Positions, a very young artist is being promoted. She convinced the jury with her own pictorial language: a combination of mythological references and the digital world. The sculptural installation at Art Cologne abducts one into an irritating, disconcerting, Kafkaesque world consisting of monsters, and creates a field of tension between fiction and reality, surface and three-dimensionality. With her sense for materiality, the artist transforms lasered metal plates with decorative elements of precious stones into whimsical monsters.“

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