Hidden – Hidden Places in Switzerland / IWB Filter 4, Basel

The exhibition “Hidden – Hidden Places in Switzerland” allows visitors to experience unusual and hidden settings of Swiss everyday culture. The 25 or so photographs will be on show for the first time at IWB Filter 4 in Basel from 4 May 2018. “Hidden” is an art project by Basel curator Catherine Iselin and internationally acclaimed photographer Kostas Maros. Together they explored the question of what constitutes the fascination of hidden places. In search of the unusual ordinary, the peculiar and the unique, they have photographed 25 selected places throughout Switzerland. Sometimes a secret meeting room in the Bundeshaus, a magnetic laboratory at CERN or a pink calming cell in a high-security prison. The two project initiators have shared their passion for photography since their student days. The associated field of tension between the visible and the hidden and the question of how a feeling can be captured or aroused in the picture – without depriving it of the magic of the invisible – are central aspects of curating and photographing. This gave rise to the idea of realising an art project that portrays places and people who appear hidden, fascinate their viewers, arouse curiosity and leave their impressions.

More than 100 photographs were taken, which will be shown in May 2018 from Friday to Sunday at IWB Filter 4 as part of the exhibition “Hidden – Hidden Places in Switzerland” and will be shown in the book of the same name, which will be published by Christoph Merian Verlag at the end of April 2018. The varied programme of events accompanying the exhibition and the comprehensive publication accompany the exhibition and provide in-depth insights into the art project.

Hidden – Hidden Places in Switzerland / IWB Filter 4, Basel. Vernissage, May 4, 2018.

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