APE Collected by Brasilea: Coming Home – Anniversary Exhibition at Brasilea Basel

Coming Home is the title of the second part of the group exhibition that celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Brasilea Foundation in Basel (Switzerland). Following the show Abroad at Home, the exhibition Coming Home has its focus on Basel. Most of the works were created on site in the Brasilea by artists in residency. In this video we attend the opening reception of the show, and Daniel Faust, the Director of the Brasilea Foundation, provides us with an introduction to the exhibition (in German language with English subtitles). The show runs until April 11, 2019.

APE Collected by Brasilea – Coming Home – Anniversary Exhibition II – 15 Years. Vernissage, January 17, 2019.

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Info text:

The collection APE – Arte Perpetual Establishment – is the second collection of the Brasilea, which document the exhibition history of the art gallery since its opening in the year 2003 in addition to the existing collection Walter Wüthrich. Accompanying each exhibition presented since then, the APE collection has been built up by at least one work being purchased from the artists. The result is an impressive number of 228 works and an exciting collection that represents a unique cross-section of contemporary Brazilian art. Taking the anniversary as an opportunity, Brasilea presents the content and focus of the APE collection, collected by Brasilea.

“Coming Home” is the second part of the anniversary exhibition which now focuses on Basel in addition to part I “Abroad at home”. Most of the works were created on site in the Brasilea by artists in residency. This concept is the program itself. Basel and Switzerland are the sources of inspiration. Furthermore, it is the Rhine port and the Brasilea building, a former marine engine workshop, which are inseparable links to the founder Walter Wüthrich. This is how works emerge, shaped by home and travel, by the search for new points of contact, by culture and the zeitgeist of Basel.

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